How To Celebrate NYE at Home with Mary Giuliani

How To Celebrate NYE at Home with Mary Giuliani

Keep it fun, easy, and of course, festive.
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We all remember that blowout New Year's Eve. It usually comes out of nowhere and smacks you in the face and you're not even mad about it. Safe to say, this NYE probably won't be smacking anyone's face but we still want to celebrate and put on some heels to do so - even if we and said heels won't be leaving the house.

Which is why we partnered with the always-ready-to-boogie Mary Giuliani. Together, we created an exclusive Cocktail Party Bundle consisting of Mary's Classic Collection (which includes her delicious bites, frozen and oven-ready), our colorful cocktail kits, barware and side plates. You'll be tiny-party-ready - set to enjoy a night of small bites, big glasses and ring in 2021.

On that note, we asked the pros (aka Jess and Mary) some rapid fire NYE questions, to get us all in the mood to toast 2020 GOODBYE FOR GOOD.

Most memorable NYE?

MARY: I like to tell this story from the “Before Times.” Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for my business, so when clients start to inquire what to do for their New Year’s Eve party, I always recommend pajamas, champagne, and episodes of The Honeymooners … in bed! But one year, a very special client did get me out of bed to plan her New Year’s Eve disco party. She wanted the disco element to be a surprise, so the dinner portion of the evening took place in her house, but secretly we had turned their garage into a late-night disco. At midnight, she let her guests into the garage for the big reveal. I have to say it was one of my favorite party moments; her guests were completely surprised and really thrilled to dance themselves into the new year.

JESS: 1999. My family was in New York and we celebrated at 21 Club (such a legendary spot … RIP). It was the most proper NYE celebration I’ve ever been to with a gazillion course meal, live music, sparklers, confetti – the whole enchilada. We stayed up all night long, went to the airport at 5am to catch a flight back to Dallas for a football game - TX vs. OU - which is always played on New Year's Day.

Favorite party game for a NYE spent at home?

MARY: Strip poker – not kidding, it’s time to spice things up.

JESS: I love LRC (left, right, center) for any party. It’s a simple dice game where everyone puts a little money in a pot and winner takes all. It’s super when played with a big group as the pot can get really large – the best is when one of the kids wins – fun to see a 6-year-old take home a couple hundred bucks.

Worst NYE hangover?

MARY: Which one? Let’s just say there’s been so many that I actually created a hangover kit to give to my guests on their way out the door to soften the headaches and settle the stomachs in the a.m.

JESS: Hands down January 2, 2000 (see question 1 above) as we partied through the day on the 1st at the football game and didn’t crash until late that evening.

Worst mistake you can make as a host?

MARY: Thinking people want to actually leave their house, ha! No, I kid. It’s not having enough booze. You don’t have to trot out an entire bar with every possible cordial or liqueur, but you do need enough of whatever you think you and your guests are going to enjoy into the wee small hours of the morning.

JESS: The worst? Passing out at your own party? J/K. Really ... making it all too fussy and complicated. Don’t try to cook something you’ve never tried before when a bunch of guests are coming over. It could go bad.

Best thing you can do to help yourself as a host?

MARY: Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the party prep – and that means, turn on some music, pour yourself a drink and get ready for your guests. The point being, that joy in getting ready will really show and in turn, be felt by your guests if you are revved up and ready to receive them with bells on! Second best thing? Clean up that night. Waking up to a dirty house is never a good look.

JESS: Delegate. Order MG’s pre-made hors d’oeuvres (included in our exclusive Bundle!). Order Social Studies and add on a New Year's Eve Occassion Box while you're at it. Have your bestie bring dessert and your boyfriend pick up ice. There are so many little things to be done and people love to feel helpful.

Song that will be playing at midnight this year at your house?

MARY: "Hit the Road, Jack" by Ray Charles

JESS: Prince, “Party Like It’s 1999” except everyone will be shouting “2021”

Resolution for 2021?

MARY: Total acceptance – no more beating yourself up for a few extra pounds or a dirty house or the line. No more feeling like you need to change this or that. You made it through 2020, hopefully with good health for you and those around you. Let’s celebrate the important stuff and get rid of the noise!

JESS: Lose the Covid-19 … in ALL iterations of the term.