Grown Ups: These Party Looks Are For You, Too!

Grown Ups: These Party Looks Are For You, Too!

Because there's no age limit on having fun.
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After a long workweek filled with endless emails, Slacks, Zoom calls and deadlines (and for those of you with kids, all of the responsibilities that come with your other full time job—parenting), the last thing you need or want in your limited free time is to do anything even remotely serious. This is especially true when it comes to socializing. Our suggestion? Invite your friends over and let loose with one of our more youthful looks, because an escape back to the "good ol' days" might be just what you need to reset and recharge.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you take each look from young to young at heart. Say goodbye to the stresses of adulthood and hello to youthful bliss.

A Superhero Good Time

If you and your crew can recite every Marvel movie, name each character and their superpower, then Bam! Zaap! Pow! is for you. Make things interesting by printing out Marvel trivia cards in advance and splitting your guests into two teams: red and blue.

Bam! Zaap! Pizza?

Be sure to have extra, advanced trivia questions on hand in case the level of competition calls for a lightning round. Winning team gets your apartment.

The Dress Code is ARTSY

Nina Sasson as Alexis Carrington, a sensual woman with great taste in art, with her crew.

Get into character with Color Block because who doesn't love a good costume party? Or in the case of the past year+, any excuse to dress up? Keep this one on-theme by having your guests come dressed as their favorite artist—Bob Ross, anyone?—and set the mood by playing our Color Block playlist in the backgroud.

We encourage you to completely immerse yourselves in the world of art by taking full advantage of the paint, brushes, crayons and markers that come included and make your own little masterpieces! The table is your canvas—it's time to color outside the lines.

Artists at work...

Sweet 'n Scandalous

When you hear "ice cream party" what comes to mind is probably 20 kids running every which way, sticky fingers and rainbow sprinkles everywhere. Well, we're here to change that. Enter Sugar Rush... with a grown up twist. All you need is a signature ice cream cocktail and (temporary) tattoo station, of course. You and your friends will have the best time "inking" each other between courses and sips of your new favorite boozy beverage, recipe below!

#BTS from Rebecca Palkovics' Sugar Rush (big kid) birthday party.
No judgement if you opt for the real deal!

Brad Thomas Parson’s Fernet and Coke Float

Photo by Ed Anderson.

The Ingredients:

  • 1 ½ oz Fernet-Branca
  • 3 oz Mexican Coke
  • 1 large scoop vanilla or chocolate ice cream

The Directions:

Build the Fernet-Branca, Mexican Coke, and ice cream in a chilled glass. Stir and serve with a straw and spoon. Enjoy!

*Recipe from Brad Thomas Parson's book Amaro; makes 1 drink.