Another Round with Jordan Monton

Another Round with Jordan Monton

Here's what's shakin' in Charleston.

Perhaps our favorite part of being on the road with Rent the Runway for The "After" Party Tour this summer has been meeting some pretty awesome people. Friends and curious passers-by who have come out to our Pop-Ups to say hi and hang, our fabulous event guests, and the incredible folks from each venue who are making it possible for us to Party Like It's 2021. One group in particular has played a key role in making sure a good time is had by all—the bartenders.

Inspired by their cocktail-making and conversation-carrying skills, we quickly realized we needed to know more. Enter "Another Round", a new column here on The Social dedicated to learning more about the drinks we all love and the people who so thoughtfully shake, stir and pour them for us.

Jordan in her element.

First up is Jordan Monton who we met on the road in Charleston. Jordan bartends at Post House Inn and is precisely the kind of person you want serving at a party—she's fun, super chill, and clearly loves what she does. Read on for Jordan's story and a special drink recipe...

Q: When did you start bartending?

I’ve always been in love with the hospitality industry. I went to college at The Culinary Institute of America and fell in love with the beverage world. Wine is what really opened my eyes up to the Front of House (“FOH''). In my bachelors program I started taking courses in mixology and brewing and that's where it all began. After graduating I worked in a few restaurants and bars in Florida and eventually moved to Charleston and started working as a cocktail server and bartender in The Living Room at The Dewberry Hotel under Ryan Casey. This is where I really found my foothold in a true, elevated cocktail program.

Q: What is the most memorable experience you’ve had bartending?

Getting to bartend with the one and only Jim Meehan!

Q: What's the story behind this beloved Post House Inn cocktail, The Affair?

Honestly we were in the middle of a pandemic. At the time I had a lot of random ingredients in my house that were one-offs and figured why not try to make a cocktail out of them.

I am typically a Sazerac kind of girl but have a special place in my heart for margarita-style cocktails. I wanted to create a cocktail that was light, refreshing and unique; one where it sounded so bizarre that you couldn't help but try it. That's how we got The Affair. “Post House Inn, Home of The Affair”.

We'll have what she's pouring.

Q: What do you wish people understood about bartending?

It's not easy. Just like working in a kitchen, there is a lot of prep and constant making and remaking of cocktails to get them just right. Then it's time for dinner service—you're always on a stage. You’ll be making six drinks at the same time while talking to guests, continually reminding yourself to not forget to put in seat 4’s dinner order. And all of it with a smile on your face! It's backbreaking work, but we love it.

"It's backbreaking work, but we love it."

Jordan Monton

Q: What drink do you pour yourself after a long shift?

It depends on the night. A shot of reposado tequila and a sour beer at one of my favorite hole in the wall bars, The Royal American or rye whiskey on a big rock at my Monday night go-to spot, Bar Mash. Live music is always an added bonus.

All smiles behind the bar.

Q: If you were a drink, what drink would you be?

A Rye Manhattan. It's one of those classic cocktails that everyone knows. It’s a little sweet from the vermouth and a little spicy from the rye whiskey. It's the perfect cocktail.

Q: Last but not least, who is your dream happy hour companion?

Anthony Bourdain for sure. I grew up working in kitchens and idolized him. My copy of Kitchen Confidential at this point is just a stack of pages half bound from the amount of times I have read and reread it. Sitting at a little dive bar in the corner picking his brain and exchanging stories, that does it for me.