A Chic and Cheerful Get-Together That Feeds the Soul & the Eyes

A Chic and Cheerful Get-Together That Feeds the Soul & the Eyes

In partnership with Draper James and Avaline.
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It's true, bringing people together and gathering around the table with loved ones is all about spending quality time together, which calls for great conversation, delicious food and drink, and good vibes—the perfect recipe for lasting memories. It's all about having fun and feeling good, but what's the harm in these gatherings actually looking good, too? To help you host a well-rounded get-together that checks both of these boxes, we're partnering with our friends at Draper James and Avaline to give you some trusty tips and tricks (for picnic parties and beyond!), plus the opportunity to win a Social Studies party for eight, $250 Draper James gift card and $250 gift card to buy Avaline wine. Read on for hosting how-tos and to enter the giveaway!

1. Decor & Details

To help create an aesthetic for your shindig that is stylish and inviting, we recommend selecting one of our curated party looks to set the table (or tables!) with. They come conveniently packaged in transportable cases, ideal if you're taking your party on the road.

Hometown looking picture perfect!
Fresh flowers and greenery—the life of the table. ;)

Next, follow Draper James' Head of Design, Kathryn Sukey's lead and personalize! Pick up festive odds and ends at your local store, like some jute rope to tie your napkins with and colorful cloth to wrap around the stems of your flowers and greenery. To avoid any wilting woes, just wet the cloth before wrapping your arrangements and putting them into their vessels.

2. Dress Code

Your tabletop shouldn't be the only thing receiving those "you look good" compliments from your guests—you should too. Enter Draper James and their fabulous assortment of clothing and accessories that will take you from host to "host with the most" in no time. Here's to dressing to the nines, comfortably, and feeling your best while entertaining. Bonus points for coordinating your lewk with your look as Kathryn is seen doing so effortlessly here!

This straw tote—the perfect picnic accessory?!

3. Feels, Food, & Drink

The perfect playlist, à la HOMETOWN, is our go-to trick for setting the right vibe and putting you and your guests in an instant party mood. We have something for everyone and every occasion, right here on our Spotify.

Serving delicious food also works wonders in terms of keeping smiles on faces and according to Kathryn, there's no need to stress if you don't necessarily want to cook. Simply order takeout from your favorite local restaurant, plate and serve. Your secret's safe with us. ;)

Now for the cherry on top of an ideal soirée? Delicious and refreshing beverages. We highly recommend offering an assortment of wines for your guests to sip on and savor throughout the affair and Avaline's The Essentials is our #1 pick.

When you can't pick just one. But why should you?

This tasty trio of Red, White, and Rosé is sure to keep the party going and conversation flowing. We can all cheers to that, no? Happy hosting!

Want to enter the giveaway? Click here! Must be 21 years or older to enter.