Success with Soul and Taco Tuesdays

Success with Soul and Taco Tuesdays

Five reasons why they're more than just another meal.
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Welcome back to “Success with Soul”, a monthly column that gives you the tools to seamlessly integrate entertaining into your daily life, which elevates how you work and play. Because when you create fun and beauty in your life, that’s when you can seamlessly increase your energy and radiate joy when you walk through those office doors or show up on that Zoom call.

Daydreaming about Taco Tuesday like...

Nina Sasson, Soulful Career Coach here sharing five reasons why celebrating Taco Tuesday can help up-level your creativity, drive effective decision-making, and elevate your mood on a weekly basis. Yes, you read that correctly—eating tacos, sipping margaritas, and having a fabulous time will directly affect your brain, your mood, your attitude, and your relationships. Here are five reasons why...

1. Having a Ritual

Having something to look forward to every week that is infused with lightness and playfulness is a sure-fire way to drop tension and self-doubt. Research psychologists have proven that the very act of ritual helps people achieve peak performance. Celebrating a themed dinner every week is an easy way to start a new ritual now.

Guac's Extra and Taco Tuesday are a match made in heaven.

2. Making Memories

Truth bomb: we spend over 90,000 hours of our lives at work. So much of our time is dominated by our to-do lists, emails, projects, and meetings which is why it’s so important to intentionally create opportunities to make meaningful memories.

Celebrating Taco Tuesday is a wonderful reason to gather around with your family, friends, and co-workers and share delicious crispy tortillas, laughs, and stories.

"Celebrating Taco Tuesday is a wonderful reason to gather... share delicious crispy tortillas, laughs, and stories."

Nina Sasson

3. For Fun's Sake

Neuroscientists claim that having more fun improves your relationships at work and in life. Because when we are having fun, we are engaged, focused, and completely present, undistracted by thoughts about the future or the past. We feel free, as if we’ve been given a temporary break from our daily tasks and responsibilities. When we are having fun we laugh and smile. Afterwards, we are left feeling energized, refreshed, and nourished.

4. Increases Creativity

There are no rules for Taco Tuesday other than making it as fun as possible. Make it Taco Salad Tuesday or Nacho Tuesday. Take what you have in the fridge and turn into a taco.

Make lettuce wraps, wear a sombrero while you cook and then have everyone around your table share something about their day while they take turns wearing the sombrero.

Invite co-workers over and order Social Studies’ Guac’s Extra for a full-blown Taco Tuesday extravaganza.

Handwritten menus and place cards add a touch of personality and fun.

5. It's Delish

I mean really, do you need another reason to kick back, sip a margarita and enjoy a yummy meal? It’s the seemingly mundane, simple, and boring situations like a Tuesday dinner that can be the catalyst for us to have more fun in our lives and make us feel alive so that we can show up as our best.

If you need a bit more inspiration to start your Taco Tuesday ritual, I’ve included my melon margarita recipe below:

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Nina Sasson

Nina Sasson is a Soulful Career Coach who teaches that when you eventize your life, you elevate how you operate in the workplace. She believes in the power of picnics and hosting themed dinner parties where wigs and fabulous outfits are required.